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We are a program working with local communities to create an integrated community service program that joins schools, elderly services, police and fire, places of worship and local governments.  Through the use of our program and web tools, each of these organizations will have protected access to the same pool of service opportunities and volunteers.  We aim to create more collaborative communities through service.  We currently have a number of local high schools and colleges interested in piloting the our program as early as this coming fall.  Please contact us today if we can assist you in creating a vibrant community pf service providers.

Other Services


Additional services we provide include establishing peer tutor programming within high schools that utilizes internal students as well as students from paired local colleges/universities.  

We also have interest from local governments that would like to use this program and tool-set to publicize their needs and programs so that residents can take advantage of tax breaks offered to seniors for hours of service completed and so that town with limited budgets can complete projects by leveraging their resident's free time.

Our mission


Upon the completion of the implementation of our web tool suite we hope to raise additional funds to pay for students to take part in larger, national service projects such as incomparable  "Build Days" with Habitat for Humanity.  These events have a fee that we would like to cover so all students have an equal opportunity to take part and learn these skills.

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