Auto Locksmith

It is a common thing to find yourself locked out of your car at one point or the other. To be safe, it’s better to find the right auto locksmith contractor even before you need one. This will help you not to fall victim to a scam when you need emergency locksmith services.

Services offered by auto locksmiths

  • Unlocking of trunks and car doors
  • Auto lockout services
  • Cutting, extraction, duplication, and replacement of car key
  • Repair and replacement of ignition switch and cylinder
  • Replacement of key fobs
  • Transponder key programming
  • Rekey ignition
  • Assistance with luxury automotive

auto locksmith

Benefits of professional automotive locksmith services


If you hire a pro, you can be sure to avoid incurring extra costs as a result of damages brought about by DIY, especially if you lack the expertise

Quick response

Professional locksmiths value their businesses and respond quickly to a client’s call. You can be sure to get same day service and even 24/7 emergency locksmith services.

Equipped with advanced tools

The pros come equipped with the latest and most effective tools in the industry, making the work easier and quicker.

Avoiding scam

Hiring an established professional locksmith company helps you secure your car by not being a victim of scammers’ traps. It ensures you and your vehicle are both safe.

Highly skilled

Professional locksmiths are trained and certified. They are knowledgeable and can handle different types of automotive-related locksmith problems.

How to choose the best auto locksmith contractor

  • Rapid response

The response rate of your chosen locksmith should be high so that you do not have to wait for unnecessarily long periods without help. This applies mostly if you occasionally have young children in your car or move on remote roads.

  • Certification, insurance, license, and bonding

It is essential to consider the legitimacy of your locksmith service provider before hiring one. Going for a fully bonded contractor with certification gives you the peace of mind since you’ll be sure to get the best services. In case your vehicle gets any damage as it is being serviced, having an insured contractor means you’ll get compensation for that, and you’ll not carry liability charges in case the contractor incurs injuries in the process.

  • 24/7 availability

A good locksmith company should be able to offer you emergency locksmith services 24 hours a day, for 365 days in a year. This includes public holidays since there is no point in having a locksmith company that can’t help you whenever you are stranded.

  • Customer relations

A good locksmith company should have an established customer support center, and the technicians should relate well with the clients. Communication is vital, so ensure your contractor is very reliable and can be found when called upon.

  • Familiarity with different vehicle types

The best locksmith contractor should be able to handle auto locksmith problems of different vehicle types. That way, you can be sure that whatever kind of vehicle you possess, you’ll get help when you need it.

  • Training and certification

The best locksmith professional should have technicians who are highly trained and experienced in the industry. The technicians should not just have the necessary expertise but should be honest and polite in dealing with clients too.

  • Wide coverage area

It’s crucial to hire a contractor with a wide coverage area since you never know when your car will fail. If your locksmith contractor can serve you even far from your city, then you won’t worry about being stranded.

  • Compare quotes

Once you’ve settled on potential locksmiths, you can now compare quotes against the services offered and go for one that suits you most. Remember that you’ll get whatever you pay for, so don’t just hire a contractor because the services are cheap.

Tips to avoid auto locksmith scam

These tips are written by emergency locksmith Downtown Vancouver

  1. Do your research carefully – Do a background check, look at client reviews, check for testimonials and awards, visit the local office in person
  2. Check credentials such as certification, insurance, licenses and membership
  3. Get the estimates in advance and let the contractor clarify any extra charges needed in advance
  4. Insist on paying for the auto locksmith services using a credit card, rather than cash
  5. Check the company’s vehicle for the logo, phone number, website, and company name
  6. Be keen on how they answer the phone; they should give you a specific company name
  7. Compare quotes. A contractor with a quote that is way too low is either a scammer or offers low-quality services